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Since 2012, Gym Lou’s has been San Juan County’s premiere fitness center in downtown Farmington. Nearly 6,000 sq. ft. of beautiful, well-designed gym space is available to you 24 hours a day. Whether you want to walk on a treadmill, build your strength with free weights or bust a move in Zumbaclass, you’ll find the equipment and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals. Because we adhere to strict membership caps, you can often have the gym all to yourself. But even though the gym is exclusive, it is one of the most affordable facilities in town with no contracts, unlimited classes and unlimited free tanning. You’ll also enjoy these other amazing features:

  • Stereo system that allows for iPod and phone connectivity
  • Private flat screen TV’s with full cable and sports packages
  • Relaxing private sauna
  • Two of the highest-end tanning systems available in Farmington — for free
  • Boxing/MMA mats and equipment
  • Endless cardio and strength training options
  • Personal training and small group cross fit trainings
  • Free group classes that are so much fun you won’t believe an hour has already gone by (i.e., salsa dancing, Zumba, Latin bootcamp, personal defense, cardio and strength training, etc.)
  • Tax-deductible membership

Helping Build a Healthier Community

Gym Lou’s is a health and wellness division of the Four Corners’ nonprofit organization, Capacity Builders Inc. As a nonprofit, every dollar given to the gym, whether from membership fees or personal training, goes to support Capacity Builders Inc.’s programs.

Capacity Builders Inc. was created to enhance economic independence and overall quality of life here in the Four Corners’ community, particularly amongst our underserved and impoverished Native American citizens. In addition to Gym Lou’s, Capacity Builders’ programs include:

  • Operation of a taxi cab, van, and non-emergency medical transport program that works to prevent and reduce DWI while serving the elderly and residents with physical challenges
  • Teenage pregnancy prevention education
  • Drug and alcohol prevention education in more than 20 schools
  • Educating, training, certifying, and employing underprivileged young adults to work as licensed general contractors in the construction industry
  • Supporting community service learning projects that have resulted in 20+ miles of trails being built; parks and government land being beautified; community gardens being planted; and the homes of returning veterans, elders, and individuals with physical challenges being repaired, cleaned and modified to provide quality living conditions and accessibility

Visit to learn about these and our many other initiatives.

Support Our Mission, and Your Community

Your Gym Lou’s membership supports Capacity Builders Inc. programs but you can also provide additional financial support by donating to Capacity Builders, Inc. directly. Your generosity will help to fund economic development, health, arts, and many other programs that lead to job creation, economic independence, wellness, and abundance in the Four Corners, mainly San Juan County.

Donate to our Health and Wellness Program


Why “Get Hot”?

Many people ask us about our tag line, “Get Hot” What does it really mean? At Gym Lou’s, it means get in here and sweat. We aren’t like so many other gyms that are “pick up joints” and “meat markets.” We offer a serene, tranquil escape from work and your daily run around. Gym Lou’s is your gym. So show up with bad hair, possibly a few holes in your sweatpants, and off-brand shoes. Get as hot as you want. Because of our membership caps, many times of the day you can have the gym all to yourself so your “getting hot” doesn’t have to be witnessed by anyone. If you do want to sweat with other people, join one of our high-energy group classes or sign-up for a personal trainer.

A Comfortable, Private Place to Get Hot

Both Capacity Builders Inc. and Gym Lou’s were founded by a local philanthropist who has tried every diet fad created since the 70’s. With lifelong body image and dysmorphiaissues, she purposefully designed a gym for people like her AND for body builders and fitness experts. Gym Lou’s is semi low-lighted on purpose so that mascara smears and sweaty pits can easily be camouflaged. (These were some of the embarrassing issues that Gym Lou’s founder had when going to large gyms, causing her to spend more time checking herself in the bathroom mirror than working out).

Gym Lou’s has 6 ft. x 3 ft. mirrors that are evenly spaced around the gym with a couple of feet of “non-mirrored” space in between. This gives people who don’t always love staring at themselves in the mirror the option of working out without constantly seeing themselves or others. Those who do want the benefit of a mirror to check and study their form, will find ample places to do that too. The bottom line is we want you to “Get Hot.” and feel great doing it. That means you can get in here, get your sweat on, while feeling totally comfortable.

Want to get even hotter? Try a group fitness class or one of our free tanning machines.

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